Meme reactions, listen parties, profiles, and more

Open to read about a ton of feature and quality of life updates this week

Shuffle’s all about bringing together podcast communities for a better, more fun listening experience. With our newest update, you’ll be able to post and see new fan reactions in the same room almost instantly.

Want to host a listening party for a favorite or upcoming podcast episode? A few Shuffle superfans have started organizing listen parties for their own communities. If you’re interested, reply to this email and we can share more!

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What’s new at Shuffle?

  1. Meme on!
    We heard lots of comments about wanting to upload images and memes to the player, so we’ve introduced image search. We can’t wait to see the dank memes.

  2. Public profiles are here

    It’s easier than ever to find a reference that you’ve made for yourself or a funny part to share with a friend later. Thank you Ashley and Malena for your suggestions!

  3. Better, faster, stronger
    Our engineers have been working tirelessly to make Shuffle run much more efficiently in the background. That means your podcasts will load faster, your app will run smoother, and your episodes will take up significantly less data.

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