React to podcasts with flying emojis 😮🔥💯

Finally, a fun and lightweight way to react to podcasts

We’re on a mission to make podcasts more fun, and I think we’ve just built one of the funnest features ever. Introducing…. flying emojis.

Heard something funny? 😂😂😂 Heard something that made you angry? 😡😡😡 You get the idea…

Open any podcast episode to try it now, then reply to this email to tell me what you think.

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What’s new?

We’ve heard from a lot of users and brought back the best features from our old app.

  1. Bookmarking is back

    We know many of you listen with your phone locked, especially since we are slowly returning to pre-COVID times. Just press both volume buttons at once to place and remove bookmarks so you can react later.

  2. Two ways to share podcasts

    Whenever you find a great moment, use the share button to screen-record the conversation and share out the video. If you’re loving the whole episode, you can also just share the room link with your friend, or post about it on social media.

  3. Social listening chime

    We know you can’t always be looking at Shuffle when you’re listening to podcasts. Now, you can hear an unobtrusive chime during your podcast to know that other listeners have reacted to what you’re currently hearing, and that you should check it out. You’ll be able to toggle it via your player settings in the top right.

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