Shuffle on into December ❄️

Searching made better two ways, and a whole lot more

Dear Shufflers,

We hope you’re enjoyed the short (work) week if you’re in the US, or enjoyed seeing everyone tweet about it if you’re not. In the meantime, let’s talk Shuffle!

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People Are Talking, And They’re Saying Shuffle!

  1. Liam Cardenas gets it absolutely right about the future of snackable audio and where we fit in :)

    1. Chris Messina noticed (and clipped!) Prof Galloway basically arguing for why we exist

      Twitter avatar for @chrismessinaChris Messina 🎩 @chrismessina
      Man, they basically just made the case for @getshuffleapp. Hope @profgalloway takes a look! /cc @adayeoyh #Podcasts… Image

      Scott Galloway @profgalloway

      Spoke to Tom Rogers of Engine Media & NBC Cable about Netflix (bullish), Apple’s decision to get into search, changing Facebook’s business model, and advice to young entrepreneurs Find us wherever you get your pods 🎧👉
      1. Oh, and did we mention Forbes 30 Under 30 recognized our CEO Ada? (Not a clip, we’re just proud 😭)

      Finally, Here’s Some Of Our Favorite Clips!

      1. @dave made this clip that has everyone on the team even more excited about the vaccine:

      2. Still thinking about how happy we are that IG broke out of the “box” (by @melanaohl)

      3. Loved this clip from @melissazhang1512 about how FB defines their “power groups”

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