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Profile, tags, and images too, we're making listening more fun every week

Every single week at Shuffle, we ask how we can make your podcast experience better. From the discussions you’re having, the community you’re a part of, to your solo listening we’re changing podcast listening week over week. And this week is no different!

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What’s new?

The team is slinging out new features and fixes faster than ever before!

  1. Keep your streaks

    Get the highest streak for your favorite podcast by listening on Shuffle ever week! We can’t wait to see how high you can go, and you never know, maybe there will be something in it for those who have the best streaks 👀

  1. Put your profile to use!

    User profiles are back and better than ever. Now you can see a listen history as well as a preview of the comments you left on those episodes. It’s easier to find that moment you just listened to now, and even easier to find out just what your friends are listening to!

  1. Upload images too

    GIF reactions are always fun, but sometimes an image really can speak a thousand words. Now, you can upload images to the room. Let memes commence!

  1. Tag your friends!

    Getting your friends to join you in a great episode, or hear an incredible story has never been easier. Tag them directly within your comments and get the conversation started!

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