The new Shuffle app has LANDED

Podcast clips like you wouldn't believe, and a ton of new features

A whole new look for Shuffle

At Shuffle, we’re focused on helping people discover the best ideas and stories locked up in long podcasts.

This means making clip creation way more easy and fun for Shuffle curators. That’s why we’re excited to launch a new version of the app today which gives curators the tools they need to create and share really creative and fun clips. For the first time, podcasts can go viral!

For the last few months, we’ve been iterating on the app with a small but tight curator community. We’ll be expanding the community with a public beta soon, so stay tuned!

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An immediate response from Twitter which made us pretty happy:

What’s new this week?

Many of the features you’ve been asking for are in today’s build:

  • New creative clips — Create a podcast clip and make it your own with crazy GIFs and text

  • Personalized feed — Follow users and shows to start seeing clips from them

  • Subscribed episodes — Find your recent episodes from followed shows in a list under your profile (shoutout to Edmund Amoye & Greg Docter)

  • New onboarding flow that looks 👌

And of course, fixed a ton of bugs:

Last week’s top 5 clips

#1 Jason Citron was bored so he started Discord

#2 Michelle Obama asking Americans to get out and vote

#3 James Clear on why habits matter

#4 Esther Perel on why sexual desire isn’t always PC

#5 Bill Simmons getting called out finally on his Brady takes

As always, feel free to reply to this email or DM us on Twitter at @getshuffleapp if you have questions or feedback. Stay sane and happy shufflin’!

— Ada, Co-founder at Shuffle

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