Thousands of users are chatting with AI versions of their fav podcasters right now

Launching our first drop. Now you can text AI versions of Joe Rogan, Naval, the All-In besties, Lex Fridman, Kara Swisher, and more!

We’re super excited to launch our first drop today, where you can chat with famous podcasters via GPT-3 including Joe Rogan, Naval, Kara Swisher, The All-In Besties, Bill Simmons, and more!

We did this by feeding their funniest quotes to the GPT-3 model and the results are 😂😂😂 We’re close to 10K users trying the chatbot out — help us get there by checking us out on ProductHunt, and leaving an upvote!

Check us out on ProductHunt

Why did we build this?

We knew this would be a fun first drop because whenever we spoke to podcast fans, they’d talk about how they feel like they really know the host—it’s only natural after listening to someone’s voice for years on end. This really speaks to the intimate nature of podcasts as a medium, a topic that we’re exploring deeply at Shuffle, and are building new features around.

“Because there is no comment section for podcasts, when you consume one it’s an isolated digital experience,” said Nicholas Quah, the creator of Hot Pod, a trade newsletter about the podcast industry. “But there’s this feeling that comes with podcasts, where often times you feel like you’re part of a community that you’re not physically part of. You want to find other people in this nation that doesn’t physically exist.” — Podcast Groups Aren’t Just About Podcasts, Taylor Lorenz, NYT

We’re currently working on a new chat feature helping podcast fans connect authentically with each other, over their favorite content — so just hit reply to this email if you want first dibs.

In the meantime, we’ll leave you with our 2 favorite Tiktoks from fans who love the GPT-3 chatbot so far.

Here’s one for murderinos.

And another Tiktok for fans of MBMBAM.