Welcome To The Future (again)

Social audio on a brand new player

We’re not going to waste any time here:

Welcome to the brand new audio play on Shuffle:

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Okay, Now We’ll Get Into It:

We’re bringing you an entirely new audio player in order to focus on some big bets. Here’s a quick rundown of what we’ve changed and why:

  1. Vertical Player - Every podcast player on the market looks exactly the same, and it’s not even that interesting of a design! In order to make more space on the screen we’ve moved the scroll bar to the side.

  2. Bottom Tab - Bookmark and clipping, audio controls, playback speed, and episode information all live down here. Don’t worry, you’ve still got all the classic info you’ll need—just now it’s easier to tap than ever.

  3. Room For Activities - For our p0 we wanted to give you much freedom as possible to figure out how you want to play in this space. For now, you can swipe up and down to scroll from clip to clip.

Think of the audio player as your one-stop shop for communal listening. Find other listeners to your fav podcasts, discover their favorite moments, and discuss together. We know there’s way more that can be done (think transcripts to read while you listen, live listening, untethered comments, and more!) but we’re pretty excited about this.

Give it a play, and let us know your thoughts either by giving the app a shake or DM us on Twitter


Ada and the Shuffle Team

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