Your Final Shuffle Email of 2020 🎉

A very sincere thank you, an update, and more!

It’s our last newsletter of the year, and what a year it’s been! Thank you for all the downloads, the clips, the tweets, the feedback, and everything else you’ve given Shuffle this year. As always, if you have any questions feel free to respond and if you haven’t given Shuffle a go, download it here:

Download Shuffle

What’s new with Shuffle:

We’ve spent the last couple weeks of the year cleaning up lots and lots of bugs. Hopefully everyone is feeling the difference already (I know I am), but as always please report anything directly from within the app by shaking your phone! That said:

  • The bugs: Way less crashes, less rendering difficulties, and less flickers on your feed!

  • The features: new users will see a new log-in screen allowing them to pick some of their favorite podcast topics to help make their feed even more personalized.

Since it’s our last newsletter before 2021, we figured we’d send over a “What’s coming” as a teaser for some of the stuff that’s coming soon!

  • Better feeds! We’re always working on making your feed as personalized as possible and have some very exciting projects in the works to make that happen.

  • Totally new listening experiences. Not teasing too much, but this is going to be huge.

  • Lots, lots more. Promise :)

Shuffle around the web:

Plus this great tweet and discussion, using an awesome clip:

Thanks for sticking with us this year. We’re so excited for everything we’ve built this year and can’t wait to show you all everything that’s coming in 2021. Happy New Years!