Launching our first drop. Now you can text AI versions of Joe Rogan, Naval, the All-In besties, Lex Fridman, Kara Swisher, and more!
More features to show proof of your fandom, and a whole new queuing system
Profile, tags, and images too, we're making listening more fun every week
Open to read about a ton of feature and quality of life updates this week
Finally, a fun and lightweight way to react to a great podcast moment
We're launching a new social experience today where you can listen to a podcast while reacting and checking out authentic reactions from the community โ€ฆ
We're just Shuffling In It
Social audio on a brand new player
Big plans, big changes, big year ahead
A very sincere thank you, an update, and more!
Searching made better two ways, and a whole lot more
Better feed personalization, podcast import, search within transcript, and many more features